Dave's Bio Page

I was born in Puerto Rico, grew up in New Jersey and went to high school in Indiana. I got a BS from MIT in Applied Biology and a Ph.D. from UC Berkeley in Molecular and Cellular Biology and now work at Stanford in the Department of Chemical & Systems Biology, my lab site HTBC.

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Misc Stuff

My Friends' Homepages:

Elkhart Guys

MIT Guys (Class of 1990)

Berkeley Guys (MCB)


Pictures (click here for Sami pictures):

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Me drinking a beer next to a river and a cliff (May, 2015)

Cartman, Clyde, Me and Billy the Pig, (Dec., 1999)

Me with short hair, 1997


1st thing in the morning (with my dad), 1995

My sister showing off her driving skills

Infamous driver's license photo circa 1994 (not a mug shot).


Scared to death of the dolphin, 1970

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